Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy
Montesilvano, Italy

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3/13/2013 - Montesilvano, Italy

Cari tutti!
       Well, this sadly may be the last email I send home =( being the last email I also have no idea what to write haha because in the end I can just tell you all this stuff in like a couple days. I can't wait to see all you guys. You have no idea how much I've missed you all. If I cry like a baby at the airport its not because I'll be sad but probably the extreme emotions mixed with extreme tiredness will create the perfect combination for an emotional meltdown haha (I'm pretty sure I inherited this from you mom). I promise to hug and kiss everyone too. (haha, like he has a choice!) I'll be a good sport =) In Italia we kiss everyone, it's a way to salute people here. It will be weird re-adjusting to american culture where kissing someone can end up in a nasty court case. Dad told be that Taco Bell now makes Doritos taco shells =O yeah that got my mouth watering. 2 years of Pasta was great but I miss some good old fashioned tex-mex or even a nice Double Double from america's greatest fast food burger joint. Oh yeah! and Wahoo's enchiladas!! Snap =P now I'm trunky. Still got another week... can't think too much about this stuff.
       So things in Pescara are going well. No baptisms in the near future but still holding in there to the last minute. English course EXPLODED and now there are like a million people there. My companion gets a little stressed and overwhelmed but I love it. I'm gonna miss Italy and I'm gonna miss being a missionary =( I know that we are missionaries our whole lives but it won't be the same. I'll try and spend a lot of time with the missionaries back home so I don't get lazy. I'm gonna help Mike get all super awesome as a missionary too so that when he gets out there he'll be ready to teach all of Britain. Anziano Fossa, in the other companionship here in Pescara, his cousin is going to the Leeds England mission the same day as Mike! Crazy huh? So he will have an Italian sister in the MTC with him. It's a small world. Also the fact that Ben will also be going to Leeds.(Ben McKeon from our ward has also been called to the Leeds England Mission)  This stuff is all nutz.
        Well I'll see you all real soon. Have a great week and vi voglio bene!
                Con amore,  Anziano Kyle Hill  

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