Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy
Montesilvano, Italy

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3/13/2013 - Montesilvano, Italy

Cari tutti!
       Well, this sadly may be the last email I send home =( being the last email I also have no idea what to write haha because in the end I can just tell you all this stuff in like a couple days. I can't wait to see all you guys. You have no idea how much I've missed you all. If I cry like a baby at the airport its not because I'll be sad but probably the extreme emotions mixed with extreme tiredness will create the perfect combination for an emotional meltdown haha (I'm pretty sure I inherited this from you mom). I promise to hug and kiss everyone too. (haha, like he has a choice!) I'll be a good sport =) In Italia we kiss everyone, it's a way to salute people here. It will be weird re-adjusting to american culture where kissing someone can end up in a nasty court case. Dad told be that Taco Bell now makes Doritos taco shells =O yeah that got my mouth watering. 2 years of Pasta was great but I miss some good old fashioned tex-mex or even a nice Double Double from america's greatest fast food burger joint. Oh yeah! and Wahoo's enchiladas!! Snap =P now I'm trunky. Still got another week... can't think too much about this stuff.
       So things in Pescara are going well. No baptisms in the near future but still holding in there to the last minute. English course EXPLODED and now there are like a million people there. My companion gets a little stressed and overwhelmed but I love it. I'm gonna miss Italy and I'm gonna miss being a missionary =( I know that we are missionaries our whole lives but it won't be the same. I'll try and spend a lot of time with the missionaries back home so I don't get lazy. I'm gonna help Mike get all super awesome as a missionary too so that when he gets out there he'll be ready to teach all of Britain. Anziano Fossa, in the other companionship here in Pescara, his cousin is going to the Leeds England mission the same day as Mike! Crazy huh? So he will have an Italian sister in the MTC with him. It's a small world. Also the fact that Ben will also be going to Leeds.(Ben McKeon from our ward has also been called to the Leeds England Mission)  This stuff is all nutz.
        Well I'll see you all real soon. Have a great week and vi voglio bene!
                Con amore,  Anziano Kyle Hill  

Friday, March 8, 2013

3/4/2013 - Pescara, Italy

            Well I don't know really what to write. I think I might just tell you guys everything in 2 weeks or so haha. I've been pretty sick too this week, just like Mike, so it’s not just over there but everywhere. Anziano Alessandro was sick last week and everybody in Pescara seems to be sick too. Church mailed me some travel plans to confirm and everything looks legit. 4:30 LAX, Let’s not make too big of a scene okay? I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be tired as heck getting off that plane and  having to hug and kiss a million people may be overwhelming haha. (I told Kyle, too bad) I'm all alone on my flight too, no missionary buddies for 11 and a half hours. Oh well. Today we are gonna play some soccer and stuff. It's gonna be way fun.
            Way to go mom on fighting the system however your actions seemed very liberal. Cutting government spending has always been an ideal of ours. Firing music teachers doesn't mean cutting the music program, it’s still there.(Kristin and I both spoke to our Elementary School Board trying to save a music teacher position) But okay. I don't want you to get all heated about this. Way to go also to Kristin on her award winning awesomeness.(She was awarded most outstanding at the Jr High District Honor Band Concert) She is our last hope for academic success in high school. Maybe you will get someone out to Harvard eventually.
             The work is going a little slow here my last transfer for reasons I'll explain to you some details though after getting home.  One last thing, does dad have enough free airline miles to get me back here to Italy some day? I made a lot of friends here and saying goodbye is hard. I have a ton of ex-companions too from all of Italy who want me to visit after the mission.  Just something to think about. I am gonna miss this place so much. I love it. I know Dad says I can't marry an italiana but I might just do it and use it as an excuse to travel back here every once in a while =) hahaha. Just teasing.
             I love and miss you all. I can't wait to see you all in a bit. 2 years is a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time. Someone was asking me about Catania the other day and I said "I can't remember everything! That was 2 years ago!!" haha. Have a great week and VI VOGLIO BENE!
             Con Amore,   Anziano Kyle Hill

2/27/2013 - Pescara, Italy


        Okay well this week I have like 30 seconds to write you guys.  I’m sorry. We have this guy bringing new furniture to our house and he came like 5 hours late and now I have to leave for L'aquila in an hour. I'm having a great week and can't wait to see you all in a couple weeks I hope you are all doing well and having fun. I miss and love every one of you. Say hi to Javan Hatch for me. Glad to hear he’s back in one piece.  I got a ton of letters from Peter this week and the Primary. Thank them all or I can do it in 3 weeks if you forget. Tell peter he’s forgiven for waiting so long to send me those letters and that I do know how to make amazing pizzas. Vi voglio bene!!
                      Con amore,   Anziano Kyle Hill

2/20/2013 - Pescara, Italy

Ciao tutti,

          Well I don't have much time to write you all this week and I'm really sorry.  I hope all is well back home. I really enjoyed your email mom and glad to know you guys are helping me out with looking for work, that takes a big burden off my back.  I've been offered work here in Pescara haha, but I don't know how much I want that. I am totally down for an epic brother bonding car trip to go pick mike up from school mid April.  I can stop by Provo too and say hi to Trav and my friends up there. I miss you all and hope you all are having a great week. I am having a lot of fun here and really enjoying my last transfer. Work is going well. Had a show down with a born again Christian the other day who literally exhausted my spirituality.  No spirit, no good, wasted time. Bashing solves nothing. That’s about it for now. I miss and love you all. I hope you are having a good time back home. Be excellent to each-other and party on dudes!
                          Con amore,  Anziano Kyle Hill

Thursday, February 14, 2013

2/14/2013 - Montesilvano, Italy

Ciao a tutti,

    Well I believe an apology is required here. Sorry I'm writing you so late. We had a special Zone Conference last week and Elder Kent Richards of the 70 came and spoke to us. He talked about a ton of really, really important stuff that I am totally bummed I had to wait til my last transfer to hear. Some real useful tools and advice for teaching and cool new stuff I had never tried yet. At least I still have another 4 weeks to try it all out though. We left late Tuesday night and took a weird little train out to the Rome 3 apartment. Anziano Wright and Anziano Wultzl (he’s Austrian) were there and took good care of us. They have a totally awesome apartment too. The only problem was the water heater was broken and we would have had to take freezing showers if it wasn't for me to save the day and use my good old handyman knowledge I picked up from the mission and fix the water heater. I'm so proud of all the random stuff I have learned to do on my mission like changing power outlets, fixing water heaters, plumbing, electrics and circuits and many other cool things. Of course I've become an expert at missionary work too but that's a given. So yeah, after that night we had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to get a bus and arrive at the church building by 7. Arriving there I was able to run into a couple of my old companions that I haven't seen in a long time like Anziano Lacey. I was able to talk to the missionaries who are serving in Sassari right now and learned that Adhemar is still taking the lessons! His whole family got baptized as Jehovah Witnesses though.  He's still strong though. He still remembers me and wants my info so I was able to write a little note to send back to Sassari with Anziano Stevens who is working there. We got back late last night so no real time to do anything but return home. I've been going to Roma quite a bit these last few weeks but now I don't have to for the rest of the transfer. 
      As for missionary work I decided to give all the work to the other companionship so the greenie could have a good experience. Me and Whitfield are starting from scratch. We have already found a couple really good contacts though and meet one of them tonight so things are going forward. This transfer is blowing by a little fast.  Looked at my blog this morning too and saw that you already have my homecoming talk planned, on Easter! What a day for homecoming! Cool to think that the next week is General Conference too. Do you already have my flight plans? I'm praying I’m on a direct from London to LAX. That would be super convenient even if it’s a 15 hour flight or something. I want to have to pick you guys out through all those Mexicans and Chinese people holding up giant signs in the LAX international terminal. Make sure the setting apart is good and everything too. I need to go on dates and stuff haha. Just yesterday the mission presidents wife told me I was too skinny and I told her that I have to diet because in 5 weeks I have to start talking to girls again haha. Being towards the end of the mission is strange. It reminds me of how my trainer Anziano Medina was his last transfer. He gets married in April BTW at the Vegas temple. It’s strange how fast some things happen. I'm finishing strong though. I made myself have a rough situation this last transfer on purpose so I can keep myself working hard to the last minute. NO SLACKING AT THE FINISH LINE!!! And it doesn't finish here. When I get home let our missionaries know I’m ready to BAPTIZE the whole SCV!!! Woo!!! 
    Anyways, some serious things. I need a job when I get home, but that's not just something that happens overnight. The fact is, the sooner I get working back home the better. I'm gonna need HELP okay. I would like to know if you could start asking around already if anyone knows of anything, even if it's the most disgusting job ever. Even if it involves me commuting or even moving somewhere (if it's worth it) please help me out because I don't want to have to worry about this stuff yet while I'm still on my mission. Know that I'm willing to do anything and whatever gets me the most I'll take. I'll get right away on applications when I get home but still nothing beats getting into a job where you have connections or something like that. Get me into PWC with dad cleaning the toilets haha I don't know anything okay? Something that gets me a cool cell phone though like the one mom and dad have would be nice though. I got to hold a Nokia Lumia 920 the other day because a member had it, NOW THAT IS A SICK PHONE, makes the Galaxy S3 and iphone 5 look like baby toys. =) okay time to put my head back on.
    Well I love and miss you all. I hope everything at home is going well. I guess I'll see you in a little bit haha. Vi voglio bene!
      Con amore, Anziano Kyle Hill

Thursday, February 7, 2013

2/7/2013 - L'Aquila, Italy

"These are all fotos of L'aquila where we went while doing a scambi.(splits) About 5 years ago it was totally annihilated by an earthquake. Walking through all the streets there felt like you lived in a post apocalyptic world. There isn't a soul outside, its super quiet and everything is destroyed. I learned that smart cars are so eco-friendly that after about 5 years of abandonment plants grow out of them like the one in the photo. Whole buildings collapsed. The castle was still intact though and its huge.